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Jonny May
02/17/2022 10:00 am (PST)

In the February 2022 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:40 – Q: What are your thoughts on doubling notes?

05:30 – Q: In 5 Things To Practice Every Day, can you show the fingering for the Scale Degree Exercise in the key of D?

11:04 – Q: What’s the best way to play stride accurately?

15:29 – Q: How to play Fsus2/A?

16:52 – Q: How to make traditional hymns more exciting?

20:11 – Q: When playing a song, how to know which notes I can slide?

24:52 – Q: What about the 2-5-1-6 chord progression?

28:01 – Q: Should I practice exercises like Hanon every day?

30:58 – Q: How to make these chords jazzy – Cmaj7, Dm7, and F7?

38:25 – Q: When improvising, do you think in terms of a primary line with fills?

40:54 – Q: What techniques are required to play Home Again?

45:00 – Q: Tips for playing left hand without looking?

48:36 – Q: Do you always sit in the center of the keyboard?

52:00 – Q: When learning to improvise, how do I start so I don’t get de-motivated?

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