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Jonny May
09/29/2020 1:00 pm (PST)

In this Q&A Submissions video, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general that were submitted in the month of August.

00:03 – Susana Rolfo: How do we know how to articulate certain notes?

04:56 – Jeshua Navarro: When can I use the Minor/Major blues scales in jazz standards?

13:00 – Vanessa Harkins: What’s the best scale for jazzy blues?

17:28 – Thomas Smith: How do you accent the melody in ragtime?

20:38 – Matt Thompson: Tips for hand coordination?

25:21 – Darek Cieslar: What is the fingering for pentatonic scales?

34:10 – Q: Can you break down “Make You Feel My Love” intro & solo section?

43:17 – William Maurice: Tips for playing triplets in a 12/8 rock ballad?

47:51 – Lukasz Okonski: How do musicians prepare for a jazz jam session?

53:18 – Rebecca Nowell: Tips of getting the rhythm of songs?

54:25 – Harrison Moss: What is your process for arranging? How do you balance exercises & songs?

1:06:57 – Suzanne Hayball: Tips for playing the b diminished run in The Way You Look at Me?

1:11:27 – Fred Kasper: What kind of piano does Jonny use in lessons?

1:11:58 – Ben Silburn: Exercises for playing notes more accurately?

1:16:54 – Steven Hill: Can you play Heart & Soul with right hand stride stylization?

1:22:08 – Serge Ashby: Tips for improving hand coordination?

1:23:05 – Greg Haefner: Tips for playing in front of others?

1:26:28 – Barbara Stepp: What was your early piano experience?

1:30:33 – Q: How to keep the rhythm going in the left hand while improvising with the right hand?

1:32:53 – Nadine Stockton: Can you recommend a practice schedule for beg/int player?

1:35:56 – Q: What lessons do you recommend for playing big band music?

1:38:12 – Q: How to develop speed for runs?

1:40:13 – Erik Henchal: Are you counting the rhythm when you play?

1:41:47 – Erick Henchal: Can you recommend a practice schedule for 1 hour?

1:43:16 – Steven Denton: What do you recommend for digital storage for my sheet music?

1:44:20 – Philip Ansteth: Are there any lessons for articulating right hand vs left hand?

1:46:31 – Tyler Stein: What are some good licks for improvisation?

1:51:50 – Steven Denton: Where did you get your chair?

1:52:12 – Lutzi Orostegui: Can I move to the jazz/blues tracks before completing the foundations tracks?

1:55:20 – Daniel Gras: Tips for playing rootless chords more accurately?

1:59:58 – Stewart Chan: What is the difference in C6 and Am7?

2:02:15 – Barbara Wilcox: Is it better to transpose songs on the fly or write out the transposed melody/chords ahead of time?

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