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Jonny May
08/10/2019 10:00 am (PST)

In the August 2019 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

06:20 – Q: Struggling with soloing challenge?

12:49 – Q: How to create interesting lines?

17:26 – Q: List of songs that would fit each chord progression?

19:46 – Q: How many courses do you recommend doing in an hour practice?

22:33 – Q: General advice to classical pianist?

24:40 – Q: Difficulty in hand coordination?

29:44 – Q: Changing scales for different chords?

31:29 – Q: Creating lines as dialogues?

35:37 – Q: Should I focus on mastering one style?

36:46 – Q: Are you planning on adding Country courses?

37:43 – Q: Rootless voicings course?

38:45 – Q: Starting and ending notes during a solo?

40:58 – Q: Courses on left hand independence?

42:36 – Q: Approaching runs?

44:43 – Q: Do you have any stock endings for blues?

46:30 – Q: Blues comping?

47:17 – Q: Struggling with hand coordination?

49:10 – Q: How do you determine your playing level?

50:15 – Q: Bebop courses?

51:08 – Q: How does the Learning Tracks work?

53:09 – Q: Exercises for swing and cocktail?

55:26 – Q: How to accompany a vocalist doing jazz standards?

58:16 – Q: Playing by ear course?

1:03:57 – Q: Applying the “pop-stinato” to Yellow Submarine?

1:05:32 – Q: Stock blues endings course?

1:06:30 – Q: Reversing root-chord LH?

1:08:40 – Q: Exercises for both hands?

1:09:00 – Q: How do you choose your piano soud?

1:10:33 – Q: Blues before Jazz?

1:11:13 – Q: First 8 measures of “Sway”?

1:14:02 – Q: How to end Happy Birthday after the crossover section?

1:15:41 – Q: How to download sheet music/backing tracks from PWJ?

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