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Jonny May
04/01/2019 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from April of 2019.

04:27 – Q: How to do syncopation in “Gospel Earth”?

11:34 – Q: Demo of LH on “Take Five”?

14:59 – Q: “Go the Distance” LH after intro?

17:55 – Q: Analysis of “Solitude”?

22:47 – Q: Use any pedal on Stride & Broadway section of “Happy Birthday”?

26:12 – Q: How to remember piano riffs for sheet music?

27:32 – Q: Fingering used in “Go the Distance”?

33:12 – Q: Developing lead sheet of “The Way You Look Tonight”?

36:24 – Q: Pedaling in Broadway section of “Happy Birthday”?

40:00 – Q: Best way of recording playing?

41:37 – Q: Which notes to accent in Blues Challenge?

43:30 – Q: Thoughts on using Notion 6 software?

46:32 – Q: How to make jazz ballad tune into swing?

50:26 – Q: Best RH chords for jazz turnaround with walking bass?

51:49 – Q: Demo of “Game of Thrones” tune?

53:08 – Q: Lesson for LH of “Way You Look at Me”?

1:00:10 – Q: Ways to jazz up contemporary music?

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