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Jonny May
04/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from April of 2018.

11:33 – Q-Applying One Chord Wonder to Amazing Grace?

16:38 – Recommendations for Learning Happy Birthday

21:29 – Tips for Learning Ragtime

24:36 – Tips for Learning Improv

24:56 – Q-Any plans for new holiday songs?

26:45 – Tips for Playing Solo Jazz Gigs

29:16 – More Ragtime Discussion

31:59 – Q-What’s the best strategy to continue improving?

40:35 – Q-Using a Sustain Pedal in Burlesque Blues

43:07 – Q-Can you show the Hallelujah arpeggios?

45:27 – Q-How to submit videos?

46:12 – Q-Slash chords vs Inversions?

46:55 – Q-What is this symbol?

47:38 – Q-Do you use a sustain pedal with the blues?

48:47 – Tips for sightreading

49:33 – Left hand ragtime voicings

52:36 – Tips for Ragtime Jumps

56:24 – Q-How to end glissandos?

57:18 – Q-How to transition from Classical to Jazz?

59:29 – Tip for finger and forearm strength and endurance?

1:03:01 – Tips for 3 and 5 finger tremolos

1:04:59 – Q-Playing a lead sheet with a Bossa Groove

1:06:01 – Q-Using relative major pentatonic scales in blues?

1:06:45 – Q-Can you explain this solo?

1:14:00 – Q-What to play for a gig?

15:20 – Q-Will you teach the intro to St Louis Blues?

15:30 – Q-Should I buy a mini keyboard for travel?

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