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Learn 3 steps to transform an ordinary turnaround chord progression into a bluesy piano accompaniment groove.

The ultimate 2-5-1 jazz scale exercise will unlock your potential as an improvisor and help overcome choppy, directionless improv lines.

This month, we’re taking a look at the famous American jazz musician, Vince Guaraldi, who is best known for his musical contributions to the Peanuts show.

How do jazz legends develop a powerful command of jazz piano skills? Not without a plan! Explore the 5 Pillars in our Jazz Piano Practice Guide.

Discover how to improvise jazz piano with the half-whole diminished scale (or "dominant diminished"), including scale exercises in all 12 keys.

Everything you need to know about reharmonization—what it is, how to do it, modern techniques, examples, exercises, charts and more!

Discover best practices in piano accompaniment for singers while exploring Erroll Garner's timeless jazz standard, "Misty."

To play piano with an original sound think "stylization, not complication." Here are 10 ways to spice up a simple piano chord progression.

You've learned professional jazz piano voicings, but now what? Explore adding countermelody and tensions with beautiful inner voice movement.

Minimize your improv materials to maximize your results. Explore 5 techniques for all levels to improvise on piano with just 1 scale!

Learn 6 essential jazz piano chord voicings used by Bud Powell, Red Garland, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, George Shearing, and McCoy Tyner.

Learn essential techniques for beginner jazz piano accompaniment on one of the most iconic jazz forms of all time—Gerswhin's "I Got Rhythm."

Capture the breathless charm of Jerome Kern's "The Way You Look Tonight" that has made it one of the most popular piano ballads of all time.

Learn to embellish any tune like a pro by adding rich passing chords with the tritone substitution technique—a complete guide for all levels.

Want to learn how to make a chord sound jazzy? Master 3 simple formulas to play advanced jazz piano voicings, even if you're a beginner.

Learn to play "Silent Night" in a jazz ballad style with diatonic 7th chords, extensions, alterations, secondary dominants & reharmonization.

No ending? No problem! Learn these 7 beautiful endings for jazz tunes to hold your audience's attention to the last note every time!

Learn simple and effective ways to create hip jazz piano chord substitutions.

Join Jonny and composer Joshua Foy as they discuss the influence of jazz and other compositional devices in the film music of John Williams.

Learn to solo confidently with the most important scale for piano improv that works on any song in any style over any chord progression.

Learn to play bebop piano in 6 steps. This lesson explores upper & lower neighbors to generate sweet bebop lines with that chromatic "rub."

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