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Jonny May

Learn this cyclical minor progression, along with 6 left hand arpeggiated patterns, 8 right hand patterns, and learn to create melodies

Course Objectives
  • Learn the cyclical minor progression
  • Master 6 left hand patterns with arpeggios
  • Play 8 right hand patterns with harmonized notes
  • Create original melodies
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Improvisation
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Halloween Challenge was very fun and informative.
Love the way Jonny has the down loadable sheet music along with his excellent slow verbal step by step instructions. I am a very visual learner. Loved the Halloween Challenge. I have always wanted to learn minor Halloween chords. Someday I will post my work.
Challenging and nice!
I liked this challenge because it helps me finally to test my technical fluency. I know I need to start again to grow technically also, not only in harmonic or theoretic sides... This exercises are especially good in my opinion because they have at the same time technical difficulty and an interesting melodic/harmonic approach.
Excellent and beautiful course
Amazing content, perfect explanation! I enjoyed the course. Thank you Professor Jonny May for the wonderful opportunity to learn a new method and techniques.

Course Lessons

The Halloween Progression Challenge – Lesson 1

Learn the minor chords and theory for the Halloweeen progression

The Halloween Progression Challenge – Lesson 2

Learn 3 left hand patterns for beginner and 3 patterns for intermediate with octaves and arpeggios.

The Halloween Progression Challenge – Lesson 3

Learn 4 right hand patterns for beginner and 4 patterns for intermediate using triplets and sextuplets

The Halloween Progression Challenge – Lesson 4

Create melodies for the right hand with step wise motion and arpeggios

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