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John Proulx

This workshop will show you many techniques on how to accompany in a duo or trio situation where you and a bassist and drummer are accompanying an instrumentalist/vocalist who is playing or singing the melody. Here’s an overview of the workshop:

  • Lesson 1: Lead sheet melody: reviewing the melody, learning root position 7th chords, and looking at the harmonic analysis.
  • Lesson 2: Band accompanying with open voicing 7th chords: 2-hand voicings using 7th chords and some chord extensions.
  • Lesson 3: Band accompanying with 4-note quartal voicings: Rootless 2-hand quartal voicings with extensions and alterations.
  • Lesson 4: Band accompanying with left-hand rootless voicings: 4-note left-hand rootless voicings with right-hand fills behind the melody.
  • Lesson 5: Band accompanying intro and ending examples: major turn around intro and a tag ending with a nice ending fill.
  • Lesson 6: Putting it all together: you’ll get to play the final arrangement where we put together all of the techniques we learned in the workshop.

You’ll be accompanying a recorded trumpet player who is playing both the melody and the final arrangement to simulate a live performance situation.

Course Objectives
  • Review the melody, chord changes. and chord progression
  • Apply quartal & rootless voicings
  • Embellish the melody with fills
  • Learn an intro & outro
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Songs
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Very Exciting and comprehensive course!
I love how John Proulx teaches all those great voicings and different rhythms!

Course Lessons

Misty – Band Accompaniment 1 – Lesson 4

Rootless Voicings Chords with Right Hand Fills

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