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John Proulx

This comprehensive course covers rootless voicings on minor 9 chords. We’ll learn these chords with fun exercises in each key, and apply them to short songs in a bossa, swing, ballad, and funk style.

Course Objectives
  • Learn rootless voicings on minor 9 chords
  • Practice exercises in each key
  • Apply these voicings to short songs in various styles
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Reharmonization
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Beautiful lessons on Minor chord voicings
This is a great instructor real professional
I got a lot of the course
These exercises was exactly what I needed. I definitely love the songs which was helpful in learning the material. As an elderly person I wish I had resources like this many years ago. Excellent job John in teaching the course.
Great stuff
Sneaky fun way to learn A, B - B,A voicings. Love it.
Progressing and having fun!
The songs were fun to play. Very good additional teaching of melodic and rhythmic application of the chords! Excellent hints for improvisation with the "blues scale".
More difficult than major a&b voicings but very rewarding
John did an excellent job of going over a&b voicings. I really liked the song "ninth hole" in lesson 7
a thorough approach to rootless major and minor 9th chords
I really enjoyed this course and feel confident about what I learned. John Proulx is an excellent teacher and made everything easy to understand. He showed how to practice each of the exercises and was patient and clear, emphasizing the chord structures and proceeding from spelling them out in arpeggios to playing them as block chords. He further enhanced the learning experience with compositions of his own, illustrating each lesson. Bravo!
Very challenging and interesting
Great professor, excellent explanation 😊
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