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John Proulx

Course description..In this workshop, we’ll be exploring how to accompany in a band setting on the song, “Girl From Ipanema”. The workshop will be cover the following lessons:

  • Lead Sheet Melody: you will learn the melody, root position 7th chords, and chord progression analysis.
  • Band Accompanying With Open Voicing 7th Chords: you will learn open position 2-hand voicings with added chord extensions for color.
  • Band Accompanying With 4-Note Quartal Voicings: you will learn 2-hand quartal voicings with added chord alterations for color and good voice leading.
  • Band Accompanying With Left-Hand Rootless Voicings: you will learn how to play 4-note rootless voicings in your left hand in a bossa rhythm while adding melodic fills in your right hand.
  • Accompanying Intro and Ending: you will learn how to play a vamp intro and ending that is typical in bossa nova tunes.
  • Putting It All Together: we will put all of the techniques we learned into a final arrangement that includes an intro, melody, accompanying a solo, and ending.
Course Objectives
  • Review the melody, chord changes. and chord progression
  • Apply 2-hand quartal voicings with added chord alterations
  • Embellish the melody with fills
  • Learn an intro & outro
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Songs
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Captivating and Challenging
I really enjoyed learning different ways to play shells, rootless voicings and how intro and endings bring an extra touch to a piece of music. After taking this course, I feel a greater sense of empowerment.
Girl from Ipanema accompl.
.. beyond my level, however, excellent to learn ..
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