Jonny May

Gain finger control, dexterity, speed, agility, and strength with the Endless Epic Chord Exercise, plus have fun as you play it “endlessly” down the piano.

Course Objectives
  • Learn all 24 major and minor chords in full-octave chord positions
  • Explore 3 awesome patterns to develop finger strength
  • Understand what makes it sounds epic
  • Learn to play fast arpeggios with control and precision
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Rhythm
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Amazing and beautiful!
Great content, important techniques for both hands. Thank you Jonny May for your method and style of teaching. High level of professionalism. Thank you very much!

Course Lessons

Endless Epic Chords 2 – Lesson 1

Exercise 1 – The Rocking Interval Technique

Endless Epic Chords 2 – Lesson 2

Exercise 2 – the Finger Gym

Endless Epic Chords 2 – Lesson 3

Exercise 3 – Arpeggio Fireworks

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