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Jonny May
09/29/2020 4:00 pm (PST)

In the September 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

04:33 – Q: How do you play measure 5 of Jonny’s Jumpin Boogie?

08:00 – Q: Can you play an advanced boogie improv in C?

10:12 – Q: Any tips on playing the Christmas Song?

14:18 – Q: What make/model studio monitors do you use?

15:38 – Q: What chords are you playing in your Art Tatum QT?

19:16 – Q: Can you explain why the melodic scale has different notes when coming down?

22:59 – Q: How do you decide what key to perform a song?

27:00 – Q: Is there a course on burlesque blues?

28:36 – Q: Can you explain cut time vs 4/4 time?

30:52 – Q: Why is there no lesson for your boogie rock arrangement?

32:33 – Q: What should I do about chords that are beyond my reach in Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

34:48 – Q: Why are chords sometimes written like Am6/C, E7/D, or B/D#?

38:02 – Q: What keyboard would you recommend?

39:38 – Q: How can I modulate from C to F in What a Wonderful World?

42:59 – Q: Do you recommend learning the number system vs sulfege?

47:42 – Q: What was the bepop jazz you were playing during your opening statement of the June Update?

52:16 – Q: Which scale do I use for soloing if I’m playing Masquerade in Cm?

55:04 – Q: What is the lowest acceptable speed I can play Footsie Woman?

57:29 – Q: Tips on counting out long uneven runs like in Summertime?

1:00:13 – Q: If I’m playing C major blues, any recommendations on playing intervals/patterns?

1:02:56 – Q: Can you pay Lullaby of Birdland?

1:07:15 – Q: What scale do you use for the solo on What a Wonderful World?

1:12:45 – Q: What you even play a minor Dorian on a 1 chord of D major?

1:15:20 – Q: Where can I find your course on Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

1:17:01 – Q: Is it too much cheating to use the keyboard transpose button?

1:18:23 – Q: Do you use live musicians on the backing tracks?

1:19:10 – Q: Do you play the melody while accompanying a singer?

1:21:26 – Q: What would you be doing for a career if you weren’t doing music?

1:22:24 – Q: How do you hit the shells in 1 measure and improve in the 2nd measure?

1:24:36 – Q: Is the Edim scale the same as the whole-half dim scale?

1:25:47 – Q: What exercises can I use to smooth out cross unders in the right hand?

1:28:54 – Q: Do you have courses on augmented chords?

1:32:29 – Q: How would I play the left hand in a 4/4 hymn?

1:35:33 – Q: How do you like your new home?

1:37:50 – Q: Do you have any hand stretches you recommend?

1:39:34 – Q: Any tips on playing the C Blues Scale fast?

1:40:40 – Q: Is the E blues scale the same as the G major blues scale?

1:42:44 – Q: Tips for playing in church when the congregation is singing?

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