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Jonny May
09/07/2019 10:00 am (PST)

In the September 2019 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

07:37 – Q: How to play like An Coong?

13:09 – Q: Tips on memorizing pieces?

16:11 – Q: Modulation in a minor key?

19:38 – Q: How do you prevent arm fatigue?

22:04 – Q: The Turnaround Progression?

56:19 – Q: Quick 5-1 in “Oh Christmas Tree”?

27:28 – Q: Passing chord options for pop songs in minor keys?

29:41 – Q: Learning Blues in other keys?

32:32 – Q: An Coong RH?

33:48 – Q: Disney songs in Ragtime?

34:32 – Q: Walking bass lines?

36:56 – Q: Playing different Blues LH patterns?

39:13 – Q: Chordal vamp used by Jeremiah Yocum?

42:40 – Q: Memorizing tips?

44:59 – Q: Is there a disadvantage on not using sheet music?

46:59 – Q: Suggestions on managing my practice discipline?

48:46 – Q: Why does Jonny like listening to Oscar Peterson?

49:41 – Q: Tips on playing octaves fast?

52:30 – Q: Do you recommend iRealBook?

53:13 – Q: Helpful Blues keys when playing with a guitarist?

53:51 – Q: Definition of the Turnaround Progression?

56:04 – Q: Have you always been able to play anything you hear?

57:38 – Q: Playing “Proud Mary”?

59:43 – Q: Tips for jazzing up “Amazing Grace”?

1:02:31 – Q: Walking bass for “All The Things You Are”?

1:03:46 – Q: Tips for transcribing songs by ear?

1:04:59 – Q: For someone new, how do you keep from getting overwhelmed?

1:06:53 – Q: How do I play a D+7 chord?

1:08:24 – Q: Do you often play on a piano over a keyboard?

1:08:56 – Q: Was your classical training beneficial to learning jazz and other styles?

1:10:20 – Q: Tips about using the pedal in Jazz?

1:11:48 – Q: Should I continue to practice previous monthly challenges?

1:13:39 – Q: What piano sounds do you use/prefer?

1:15:25 – Q: Playing Rock and Roll?

1:16:21 – Q: Mastering rhythms and songs?

1:16:50 – Q: Miss Celie’s Blues?

1:19:16 – Q: Arranging and writing contemporary music?

1:20:59 – Q: Piano books for Ragtime/Jazz?

1:21:20 – Q: Best way to learn 4-note jazz chords?

1:26:37 – Q: How would you perform “T T L Star” in a funk style?

1:27:29 – Q: Any advice for practicing off piano other than rhythms?

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