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Jonny May
10/16/2019 10:00 am (PST)

In the October 2019 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

07:40 – Q: When can we watch Bossa collab or Hodges interview?

09:49 – Q: What mode is the Halloween challenge in?

13:24 – Q: Backing Track – Halloween collab?

14:56 – Q: Getting through a tune without making mistakes?

18:54 – Q: Demonstrate how to emulate funk guitar strum?

20:41 – Q: Can you point out the difference between the different blues courses?

23:35 – Q: How to play the bass pattern in the stride section of “Happy Birthday”?

27:18 – Q: Option to ask questions on camera today?

29:03 – Q: Accompaniment chords for Halloween collaboration?

30:02 – Q: Increase number of characters with writing questions during Q and A?

31:12 – Q: Mini lesson on Halloween version of “Happy Birthday”?

37:42 – Q: 10 pieces of blue book to do in jazz ballad style?

40:55 – Q: Keep repeat practising what we have already learnt?

42:07 – Q: Do a quick tip on how to play Elton John’s “Saturday is Alright for Fighting”?

42:43 – Q: Problem playing “1950’s rock n roll at medium tempo?

47:37 – Q: How do you play the run at the end of “Sway”?

52:55 – Q: Any lessons on church modes?

53:59 – Q: Tips on fingering with improvising in scales?

57:03 – Q: How to remember and improve scales learnt? How long to practise scales each day?

59:51 – Q: How to accompany “Blue Bayou” in the key of F?

1:02:44 – Q: How long to practise for, which is the best course on Alfred?

1:03:30 – Q: Where to place off-beat accents in Bossa solo?

1:07:08 – Q: What are the ways to finish off improvisations?

1:09:09 – Q: What is the difference between the note being 2nd or a 9th?

1:12:08 – Q: What sharps and flats are in “Happy Birthday”?

1:12:31 – Q: Break down the style used by Jim Brickman?

1:16:51 – Q: When will the Bossa collaboration video be available?

1:17:53 – Q: Is there a course on stock endings? Intros and Outros?

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