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Jonny May
10/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from October of 2018.

10:19 – Q: Quick Tips Heart and Soul solo?

16:34 – Q: How to become a Disneyland Pianist?

19:54 – Q: Halloween Progression in Ragtime?

22:36 – Q: Did you take a class on music theory?

25:22 – Q: Jazz Ballad advice?

26:58 – Q: How to play a Latin Bass?

29:30 – Q: How to play songs by ear?

33:01 – Q: How to arrange from a lead sheet

38:30 – Q: Jonny’s Arrangement of “Tiny Dancer”

41:59 – Q: What keyboard do you play?

42:55 – Q: How to familiarize yourself with chord inversions

49:39 – Q: Nutrition cocktail for live gigs

50:54 – Q: How to play spooky songs in Jazz style

51:44 – Q: Vaudeville piano style

55:03 – Q: Course on inversions?

57:24 – Q: Boogie Woogie and favorite riffs?

58:31 – Q: Bossa Nova challenge wk 4 patterns?

1:00:29 – Q: Timing, syncopation and sightreading tips?

1:06:17 – Q: Runs in Disney Medley and “I’ll be falling more in love with you”

1:10:55 – Q: Breakdown of David Bowie piano arrangement

1:12:33 – Q: Technique with pinky in Halloween challenge

1:14:16 – Q: How to improvise in Jazz with bassline?

1:18:27 – Q: Comping for “Isn’t She Lovely”?

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