October 2017 Q&A

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Jonny May
10/26/2017 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from October of 2017.

Jazz Ballad Collaboration – June 2020

In the June 2020 Jazz Ballad Improv Collaboration, our talented PWJ students improvised with Jonny over a jazz ballad. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

July 2020 Live Q+A

In the July 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

June 2020 Update

In June, we released 3 new Courses, 4 Quick Tips, 7 Smart Sheets, 13 Backing Tracks, the new Student Collaboration, the Live Q&A, the Q&A Submissions, and the Student Assessment.