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Jonny May
11/06/2019 6:00 pm (PST)

In the November 2019 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

05:17 – Q: Maintaining left hand blues rhythm

08:58 – Q: Mastering triplet slide speed before moving on?

11:36 – Q: Any plans to add Anime tracks?

14:12 – Q: What scales are used in Frosty?

17:38 – Q: Looking for a style of jazz playing?

18:47 – Q: Advice to study the run in Believe?

23:57 – Q: Sample solo from a melody?

26:34 – Q: Tips for playing fast with accuracy?

29:13 – Q: Recommended chords for Silent Night Accompaniment?

32:40 – Q: How to apply funk tools to a song?

36:27 – Q: Applying funk to Twinkle Twinkle?

39:21 – Q: Difference between Stride and Ragtime

41:46 – Q: Is this a pattern to blocked chords?

44:45 – Q: What is the first 20 secs of Makin Whoope?

48:40 – Q: How is this intro played?

50:30 – Q: Techniques for accompanying swing style?

52:34 – Q: Improvising Jingle Bells?

54:29 – Q: What skills should you know in all 12 keys?

57:56 – Q: 5 note chords, are the same rules for minor and dominants?

59:36 – Q: Workshop on Yardbird Suite?

1:00:11 – Q: Blues scale finger variations?

1:00:49 – Q: Repeating notes and chords in fast runs?

1:02:11 – Q: Best way to count sixteenth notes at speed?

1:03:58 – Q: Balancing practice between new and existing songs?

1:05:39 – Q: Quick tips on re-hamonization?

1:06:00 – Q: Practice time on exercises?

1:07:16 – Q: Mastering hand independence when playing blues?

1:08:53 – Q: Soloing over 251 with quick changes?

1:11:00 – Q: Arranging when in 3 time?

1:12:22 – Q: Tips to prevent hand tension?

1:14:24 – Q: Triad chords hand position?

1:16:29 – Q: Comping Blue Bayou in F?

1:18:56 – Q: Thoughts on changing the scale with each chord change?

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