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Jonny May
11/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from November of 2018.

07:53 – Q: Tango riffs for RH and LH

13:15 – Q: Can you demonstrate Charleston style?

21:58 – Q: What to do with LH on lead sheet?

26:46 – Q: Do you play the lower bass note legato in Ragtime

30:17 – Q: How do I use the smart sheets?

35:28 – Q: Do you know Augustan Club Waltz?

38:10 – Q: Where do I start with learning to play the piano?

41:34 – Q: When to not play black keys with the thumb?

46:07 – Q: Arpeggios and how to do them on piano?

52:23 – Q: Any more song tutorials coming up?

53:23 – Q: What songs have a 5-2-6-1 chord progression?

56:58 – Q: Could you make a duet course?

57:41 – Q: What note do you start on for the 1st glissando in “Jingle Bells”?

58:28 – Q: How to play chords in RH and LH and pick up rhythm?

59:16 – Q: What fingering to use for arpeggios in “Hallelujah”

1:03:44 – Q: Demonstration for using”Bible of Blues” riffs?

1:11:26 – Q: How to pick up the rhythm on “Jingle Bells”?

1:12:05 – Q: Drawing out the 4th beat notes?

1:18:23 – Q: What keyboard do you use?

1:19:19 – Q: How do I get the chord to sound fuller?

1:21:07 – Q: Playing on an unfamiliar piano?

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