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Jonny May
06/16/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the May 2020 Q&A Submissions, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

00:31 – Michael Hayashida: Do you have tips on getting songs to recital-level quality?

03:32 – Keiko Siemon: Can you play the runs from Latin Jazz Soloing & explain the timing?

08:28 – Klaus Martens: How do I distribute the chords for “You’ve Got a Fine Brown Frame”

12:42 – Stewart Chan: Can you demonstrate Enclosures for various scales?

15:23 – Gwen Walden: Is there a technique for passing chords for minor scales?

20:15 – Gwen Walen: Can you teach lessons in Country & R&B?

22:01 – Patrice Turlet: What key is Autumn Leaves in?

24:14 – Patrice Turlet: Is there a course related to the Epic Major Progression Course?

26:14 – Patrice Turlet: Can you play a walking bass line for L.O.V.E?

28:56 – Caleb Fan: Tips for keeping a consistent tempo in left hand?

33:37 – Donna MacQoid: What scale is most used in blues & jazz?

35:13 – Meital Bourvine: Can you clarify the Stride & Gospel styles?

37:46 – Lisa Cogan: How can I end the Happy Bday in 7 Styles song after traditional style?

40:06 – Todd Mehlman: Can you clarify Blues Improv Challenge, Lesson 3, Bar 25-30?

42:45 – Aidan Mahon: Can you demonstrate the left hand in Teenage Wedding?

45:45 – Martin P: Tips for learning 7th chord inversions?

48:36 – Caroline Powell: Tips for classical pianists trying to learn blues/jazz?

53:02 – John Wiseman:

53:21 – Lance Bradstreet: Can you explain your process for composing arrangements? Should students focus on learning your songs or creating their own?

59:51 – Rohmat Kalam: Tips for pianists with small hands?

1:01:12 – Joe S: In your Connecting Modes Exercise, what is the best transition note to connect the chords?

1:03:49 – Gareth Carr: Can you give a tip for pedaling in blues piano?

1:05:06 – Alan Midona: Tips for using the pedal?

1:07:33 – Rudy Meyers: Is there a quick way to access Backing Tracks on PWJ website?

1:08:31 – Chris McMullin: Can you explain a minor fourth?

1:10:26 – John Lindquist: Can you explain the fingering for major blues scale in C?

1:12:24 – Max Kretzmer: Could you create courses for your arrangement of Let it Go or Free Falling?

1:13:25 – Hye Hwang: How can I get better at knowing which chords to play without having to mentally calculate?

1:17:58 – John Wiseman: Can you explain the fingering used in enclosures?

1:24:05 – Mario Evans: Can you play I’ll Make a Man Out of You?

1:25:03 – John Lindquist: Can you explain the fingering for minor blues scale?

1:28:21 – Steve Mocknick: Why do rootless voicings have 2 positions instead of 3?

1:31:06 – Chirayu Poudel: Tips for playing 8th notes in left hand over triplet improvs in the right hand?

1:35:32 – Brendan Dixon: Question about chords in How My Heart Sings

1:40:02 – Erik Bork: Can you explain the fingering used for scale notes that aren’t played in exact sequence?

1:44:27 – Percy Giles: Why do chord symbols start at the beginning of a bar when the bass score indicates that they fall on the 4th measure not the 1st?

1:47:56 – G Lee: Can the minor blues walkdown progression be used in the 12-bar blues?

1:50:10 – G Lee: Where should I start if I want to focus on slow blues?

1:51:12 – Lyle Rayburn: Can you explain the “pause” technique?

1:53:57 – Julian Clarke: Can you demonstrate how to add a walking bass line in St. Louis Blues?

1:58:04 – Harry Morris: Can you explain why you don’t use the chromatic passing not G3 for Cmaj7 block chord?

2:02:22 – Mike MacDonald: Tips for learning rootless voicings for 3, 4, 6, 7 chords? Can you explain walking bass lines in Autumn Leaves?

2:07:53 – Rebecca Nowell: Which course should I start with a new member?

2:08:43 – Ryan Johnson: Can you explain the timing of blues rolls?

2:15:56 – Diane Swanson: Tips for syncopation?

2:20:08 – Phuoc Dang: Tips for building an audience as a beginner pianist?

2:22:43 – Phuoc Dang: Will you plan on creating more arrangements?

2:24:05 – Ryan Johnson: Tips for using pedal for various styles?

2:27:20 – Kevin Matz: Could you add more beginner level Christmas songs?

2:29:25 – Anthony Shiels: What inspires you to keep your personal playing interesting?

2:34:05 – Ryan Johnson: What’s the best way to learn a new blues left hand pattern?

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