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Jonny May
05/01/2019 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from May of 2019.

07:46 – Q: Importance of staccato playing?

13:00 – Q: Transitions in Epic Chords Exercise #3

17:32 – Q: Typical runs in cocktail piano

22:59 – Q: Stylizing a jazz melody?

23:10 – Q: RH runs in “Happy Birthday” technique?

26:20 – Q: When to play a chord tone? When to use whole tone scale?

29:41 – Q: Which jazz standards to learn for classically trained pianist?

32:51 – Q: Do you have a favorite song?

37:32 – Q: Will I get better to play the songs?

43:22 – Q: Expanding Disney section of video lessons?

44:23 – Q: Any mental tricks to keeping songs memorized?

46:24 – Q: Takes longer to learn a song if you don’t memorize the melody first?

47:58 – Q: Fingering for diminished scales?

38:57 – Q: Recommend technique and speed exercises?

50:10 – Q: Best song to try learning?

50:22 – Q: Course on Amazing Grace in a blues style?

52:39 – Q: Harder to become a classical pianist or jazz pianist?

55:35 – Q: Print lessons and music on new website?

58:01 – Q: Jazz techniques and stylize a melody?

1:04:53 – Q: Tips on rootless voicings?

1:07:32 – Q: Tips on fast runs up?

1:10:48 – Q: How to approach learning different songs?

1:11:23 – Q: Crossover section on Happy Birthday fingering?

1:16:02 – Q: Exercises to help improving scales?

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