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Jonny May
04/22/2020 12:00 am (PST)

In the March 2020 Q&A Submissions, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

01:40 – Jere Yost: How to improvise over a complicated left hand pattern?

11:03 – Douthard Strickland: Is there a lead sheet or tutorial for your Latin Jazz version of Piano Man?

14:47 – Tich Nguyen: Do you have tips for ear training?

21:58 – Iryna Burns: How do I participate in live events?

22:45 – Shirley: How do I participate in the monthly challenges?

24:10 – Alina Letyayeva: How do I know when to use the pedal with different genres of music?

28:59 – Wendell Kapustiak: Do you have tips for sight-reading, especially ledger lines?

32:05 – Rebecca Nowell: How to stop my hands from getting tired, and how long should I practice?

33:43 – Yohei Tsutsumi: How do you set up your cameras in your teaching studio?

35:24 – Dale Hartmann: How do you arrange a pop song (Kiss and Tell) for solo play and maintain the essence of the original recording?

41:44 – Tracy Deeming: How to position my body when my hands are moving from one side of the keyboard to the other?

43:21 – Kim Smith: Can you do a lesson on “Someone to Watch Over Me”?

46:21 – Michael Nasso: Will you play a simple improvisation of Danny Boy?

52:00 – Vanessa Meryk: Do you use the pedal on the accented beats of the 8th note Blues Shuffle?

53:43 – Phuoc Nguyen Dang: How do you practice block chords?

56:43 – Phuoc Nguyen Dang: How can I remember all the arrangements I’ve learned?

1:00:34 – Teri Shelton: Can you do a course for sight-reading & rhythm?

1:03:03 – Peter Maxwell: Are there learning paths and structured learning to help me stay focused?

1:10:38 – Philip Scrima: Does Jonny have live performances or CDs available?

1:11:47 – Chris Hoffmann: Can you explain why certain blues runs don’t sound good over G7?

1:16:08 – Terry: How can I apply the “bass-chord” approach to slash chords?

1:20:09 – Paul Sheldon: Can you post a tutorial of “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”?

1:20:45 – Michael Vertoske: How do you use blues slides if you’re playing in the key of F?

1:24:01 – Andy McCarty: Is there a lesson that explains rubato playing and the left hand arpeggiated cocktail style?

1:30:59 – Reynaldo Ortega: Can you explain what’s included in a PWJ membership?

1:33:19 – Dan Williams: What should I focus on learning as an intermediate level player?

1:38:33 – Rob Pool: Tip to remember circle of 5ths

1:41:04 – Chris Dickerson: How to best apply theory techniques to my playing?

1:46:41 – John Pray: Is it important to truly learn every mode/scale in order to improvise?

1:51:51 – Lisa Taylor: How can I learn to play by ear?

1:52:41 – Ethan Lubell: How many hours a day did you practice a day when you were younger?

1:53:23 – Ezriel Kroen: How do you count the swing notes in the swing portion of Happy Birthday?

1:55:03 – Sarah Huang: What program can I use to record my playing onto sheet music?

1:55:46 – Rebecca Nowell: Do you have tips for hand coordination?

1:56:16 – Brian Walsh: Can you demonstrate how to arpeggiate chords to give rhythm without stride?

2:00:38 – Jakub Szytniewski: Should I continue practicing classical piano? Does it provide benefits that other styles don’t help with?

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