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Jonny May
03/25/2019 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from March of 2019.

08:58 – Q: Hands together problem with Forrest Gump Theme

14:12 – Q: Breaking down “The Bare Necessities”?

18:14 – Q: Arranging intro and outro for beginner of “The Way you look at me”?

20:32 – Q: Technique with LH in ragtime?

22:10 – Q: How to make “Tetris Theme” arrangement in Latin style?

23:41 – Q: Jazz analysis of B Section on “The Way You Look Tonight”?

27:22 – Q: Fingering in RH for “Cruella de Vil”?

29:32 – Q: How to apply modulation to a simple melody?

33:20 – Q: RH – mastering this in the blues with LH

36:28 – Q: Playing traditional gospel and mood music?

40:03 – Q: Jazz warmup up suggestions and practice routine?

48:13 – Q: How to play the rolls in “Fly me to the Moon” solo?

51:55 – Q: What is the fingering for beginning of “Let it Go”?

58:00 – Q: Favorite blues piece to learn?

59:16 – Q: Whereabouts is the Cocktail piano course on the website?

59:55 – Q: How to make lead sheet songs interesting

1:03:20 – Q: Expanding Gospel Grooves?

1:06:21 – Q: Fingering used in “Happy Birthday”?

1:09:18 – Discussing Hanon

1:11:59 – Q: What to study after Blues Challenge?

1:15:28 – Q: Course on “Walkin After Midnight”?

1:15:37 – Q: Easiest way to funk up any song?

1:17:19 – Q: Use upper structure or other voicings?

1:21:23 – Q: Finger movement on Youtube video

1:23:57 – Q: How to work on problem areas of a piece?

1:25:04 – Q: Encouragement to new piano player

1:28:14 – Q: Techniques playing octaves with RH?

1:32:34 – Q: Tips for playing “Fantasie Impromptu”?

1:34:50 – Q: How to do rolls?

1:35:14 – Q: Common stride arpeggio fills?

1:40:16 – Q: How to post a testimonial on Facebook?

1:42:00 – Q: Where should wrist be in playing 10ths?

1:43:12 – Q: Approach to teaching swung eighths?

1:45:13 – Q: Are the runs you did written down?

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