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Jonny May
03/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from March of 2018.

08:45 – Q: Slower explanation of the Bob Malone Solo?

16:27 – Q: What notation software do you use?

19:10 – Q: Can we do Pirates of the Caribbean together?

23:03 – Q: Best left-hand pattern for Sugar Cubes solo?

30:39 – Q: Possible duets?

31:20 – Q: Jonny’s jumpin’ boogie middle chords?

33:35 – Q: Simplifying advanced tunes?

36:42 – Q: Explain diatonic chords in the circle of 5th?

40:04 – Q: What happened to the middle C red dot?

40:57 – Q: How to organize a 30min practice session?

47:16 – Q: Accordion Key difference

49:43 – Q: Can you demonstrate a pattern for my video?

56:40 – Q: Enriched chords and pop music?

1:01:45 – Q: 9 vs a sus2?

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