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Jonny May
11/02/2020 4:00 pm (PST)

In the November 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions!

02:31 – Q: Why are there no rootless voicings used in The Way You Look at Me

06:05 – Q: Will you teach some country style lessons?

07:23 – Q: What are the top 5 tunes every jazz pianist needs to have memorized?

08:52 – Q: Practice tips for learning Footsie Woman?

11:50 – Q: Tips on unlearning old fingering habits?

14:41 – Q: Can you play John Lennon’s Imagine?

16:16 – Q: What improv techniques are you using in Circular Progression?

22:35 – Q: Hints on how to speed up my 7th chords?

25:45 – Q: Can you demo how to use the pedal on Canon in C?

29:28 – Q: Tips for hearing bass lines in music?

35:19 – Q: Exercises to help separate the dynamics between hands?

33:15 – Q: What is the purpose of inverting 7th chords?

41:30 – Q: Do you always need to land on a chord tone?

45:01 – Q: Tips for playing the style of Shaun Martin?

46:56 – Q: When will you release the Rootless Voicings course?

51:31 – Q: Do you recommend memorizing the chord progressions & solo scales when improvising?

55:54 – Q: Any tips for the left hand timing of O Holy Night?

59:25 – Q: Can your blues techniques be used in jazz, such as modes & dim scales?

1:04:13 – Q: Where can I find the lessons for Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

1:05:33 – Q: There are 2 St. Louis Blues courses – which one should I take?

1:07:05 – Q: Are the live shows archived?

1:07:33 – Q: How should I plan my practice schedule?

1:10:05 – Q: Can you demonstrate the 16th note run in 12/8 time from She’s Always a Woman”?

1:10:50 – Q: Can other voicings be used besides A & B?

1:13:46 – Q: Is eye-hand coordination important?

1:16:57 – Q: How long before my improv starts sounding more natural?

1:24:03 – Q: Can you talk about walking bass lines?

1:25:48 – Q: How do you know what chords to use when jamming with other musicians?

1:28:50 – Q: My 5th finger often slips off the black key when jumping to a chord.

1:31:13 – Q: Can you teach more lessons on syncopation?

1:32:18 – Q: What’s the best approach to learn scales over chords?

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