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Jonny May
12/02/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the December 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions!

05:22 – Q: Is it important to learn diatonic chords of a minor scale?

08:00 – Q: Is there sheet music for Johnny Hodges arrangement of Just a Closer Walk with Thee?

08:47 – Q: What makes a song advanced?

11:43 – Q: Why did you move to Nashville?

13:24 – Q: What’s a good phrase to use for counting quarter note triplets?

14:10 – Q: Where do I start for learning how to improvise jazz?

17:38 – Q: How can I improve sight reading?

19:52 – Q: Any tips for staying on track & focusing on my goals?

23:20 – Q: What’s the hardest left hand ragtime pattern?

25:12 – Q: Suggestions for improving hand coordination?

27:52 – Q: Where should I start if I’m classically trained?

30:08 – Q: How to combine backing track with sheet music?

31:15 – Q: Patterns in 12-bar blues?

33:42 – Q: How to make arpeggios sound jazzy?

37:57 – Q: Can you explain the chord analysis in Hark the Herald?

42:58 – Q: Should glissandos start & stop on specific notes?

45:06 – Q: How can I improve my speed for arpeggios?

49:17 – Q: When is the right time to voice lead chords in left hand?

52:33 – Q: Can you explain the rhythm of stride in a 4/4 song?

53:39 – Q: I struggle with pausing as I play. How can I improve this?

55:35 – Q: Can you teach a lesson on Moondance?

56:01 – Q: Can you demonstrate the various styles?

57:37 – Q: What is a good training to disconnect right hand from left hand?

57:56 – Q: Is it better to use a metronome versus rhythm tracks?

58:37 – Q: Will you bring in Beegie Adair soon?

59:24 – Q: Are you playing memorized riffs when improving?

1:00:53 – Q: Tips for transitioning from organ to piano?

1:02:18 – Q: How do you do the rock climbing technique on a 12/8 song?

1:03:38 – Q: Can you explain the style of jazz played in Hark the Herald?

1:09:33 – Q: Any tips on how to control the pedal?

1:11:54 – Q: What are double flats & double sharps?

1:12:18 – Q: What is the process to memorize?

1:15:16 – Q: How hard should I push myself without getting frustrated?

1:17:38 – Q: How do you remove distractions when playing in public?

1:18:54 – Q: Can I share my performances of your originals?

1:19:38 – Q: Can you explain the rhythm in extended turnaround?

1:22:20 – Q: Can I make lesson requests?

1:22:55 – Q: How do you know what voicings to play in left hand?

1:25:27 – Q: How can I improve my ability to play without sheet music?

1:27:54 – Q: Do you ever cross finger 4 over 5 to reach a black note?

1:29:28 – Q: Any tips for increasing speed in boogie without losing control?

1:33:20 – Q: Will you teach country style piano?

1:35:07 – Q: Will you play The Entertainer?

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