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Jonny May
06/03/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the June 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

04:04 – Q: How to practice tremelos in Boogie?

07:33 – Q: How do you use the pedal in jazz ballads?

09:10 – Q: What’s your advice on making the most of my PWJ membership?

12:44 – Q: What fingering should I use in the last 4 measures of Snappin’ at Coney?

15:54 – Q: Can you explain the non 2-5-1 rootless voicings?

19:03 – Q: How do you play tenth chords with small hands?

21:47 – Q: Can you demonstrate a 3 note chord run up the piano?

23:54 – Q: Any tips on using rolls in non-blues music?

27:41 – Q: What are you thoughts on learning to play with youtube synthesia videos?

29:49 – Q: Is it normal for my pinky to hurt after playing blues a while?

32:07 – Q: Which scales are best for improvising Fly Me to the Moon?

35:20 – Q: Why do you use A7 instead of Am7 in the jazz ballad challenge?

38:16 – Q: How to make left hand comping interesting without walking bass lines and rootless voicings?

41:23 – Q: Any tips on making standard contemporary progressions more interesting?

44:59 – Q: What software do you use for the light-up notes on your keyboard?

45:16 – Q: What is your audio setup?

46:14 – Q: What techniques are being used in this youtube video?

50:20 – Q: Do you have tips for building speed in runs?

33:34 – Chapter Title

52:58 – Q: How to keep my hands relaxed while playing?

55:35 – Q: Do you have advice for playing like Django Reinghardt?

58:28 – Q: Terminology for dominant diminished scale?

1:01:07 – Q: How do you memorize chord progressions to many different songs?

1:04:35 – Q: Any tips for 2-5-1 reharmonization apart from tritone substitution?

1:09:37 – Q: Can I use a walking bass in a jazz ballad?

1:11:11 – Q: What are you thoughts on the Barry Harris style?

1:13:40 – Q: Suggestions for improving my swing tempo?

1:16:18 – Q: Can you play rootless voicings in other inversions?

1:17:37 – Q: How do you get a rootless voicing for the 3, 4, 6 & 7 chords?

1:19:59 – Q: Are there specific rules to creating a walking bassline?

1:22:10 – Q: Why does the 2-5-1 progression only have 3 chords?

1:24:48 – Q: Advice on how to play notes that are 3 against 2 in right & left hand?

1:25:53 – Q: How do you memorize chord progressions?

1:28:07 – Q: Who’s your favorite stride player?

1:32:08 – Q: How can I introduce The Way You Look Tonight?

1:34:08 – Q: Any suggestions for learning to accompany country songs?

1:38:28 – Q: How can I learn to play cocktail scales instead of learning actual songs?

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