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Jonny May
06/15/2019 12:00 am (PST)

Watch the PWJ Member Q&A from June 2019, where Jonny answered all your piano and music questions.

11:08 – Q: Cover counterpoint theory in lessons?

13:50 – Q: How diminished scales relate to chords?

19:47 – Q: Alternatives to LH blues shuffle?

23:19 – Q: Info on passing chords?

27:14 – Q: More blues please?

27:51 – Q: More rock and roll riffs to add to solos?

30:25 – Q: Harmonic minor improv?

36:51 – Q: Tips for keeping songs fresh in your mind?

39:19 – Q: Which scales and runs to use?

40:05 – Q: Correct hand position? Practice routine?

46:38 – Q: Blues challenge – LH patterns? Tutorials on smooth jazz?

49:10 – Q: Sheet music for “The Rose” published yet?

49:52 – Q: Opening sheet music and watching video on website

51:13 – Q: How to fix a weak LH when playing the blues?

52:55 – Q: Scale you use in Funky Blues Jams?

58:02 – Q: Do you ever play on electric keyboard?

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