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Jonny May
06/26/2017 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from June of 2017.

03:22 – Q-What is the difference b/w Strides and Ragtime?

07:14 – Q-How to Play off the Fake Books?

12:33 – Q- A lesson from a fake book?

14:32 – Q-How to develop fast left hand performing Boogie?

17:16 – Q-What styles does Jonny Play?

19:59 – Q- Tips on practicing with a metronome?

21:37 – Q-How to work on hearing Chord Progressions?

26:54 – Introduction of Jonny.

27:56 – Q-Melodies for original compositions?

30:11 – Q-Tips for strengthening the Pinky for tremolo?

31:49 – Q-What is the best way to memorize piece of music?

32:56 – Q-Recommended three courses for Beginners?

33:56 – Q-How to position your left wrist and fingers?

38:18 – Q-Putting a 2.1 progression through shuffle blues?

39:38 – Q-Is it OK to look at the left hand during jumps?

41:13 – Q-How long does Jonny practice and his education?

46:56 – Q- Whats the best skill in Blues to create a Solo?

51:56 – Q-How to not sound mechanical?

55:01 – Q-Certain patterns in Jazz and Blues baselines?

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