July 2019 Q&A

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Jonny May
07/06/2019 10:00 am (PST)

Watch the PWJ Member Q&A from July  2019, where Jonny answered all your piano and music questions.

08:29 – Q: Pedalling for “Believe”?

19:23 – Q: What is the ideal practice schedule?

28:35 – Q: How long it took to arrange “Baby One More Time”?

31:05 – Q: Course on Mary Poppins medley?

32:08 – Q: Favourite song to play on the piano?

33:47 – Q: When to start memorizing a new piece of music?

36:17 – Q: What keyboard to take camping?

37:01 – Q: Please do a Bruno Mars course?

37:49 – Q: Where and when to look when playing stride LH?

42:59 – Q: Can the Q and As be later? How to play “Let is Snow” more jazzy?

47:03 – Q: Analyzing chords and playing in piano solo?

52:45 – Q: Do a performance of “A dream is a wish your heart makes”?

53:51 – Q: Fingering for blues scales?

56:36 – Q: How to comp for trumpeter for “Christmas Samba”?

56:59 – Q: Break down funk rhythm for “Superstition”?

58:38 – Q: How to play the funky blues on continuous loop?

1:00:39 – Q: Where are the scales for improv course located?

1:01:46 – Q: How to play bar piano arrangement as piano solo?

1:05:31 – Q: Walking bass for “There will never be another you”

1:09:03 – Q: Scales to use for chord progression?

1:11:19 – Q: Have arrangement of Beauty and the Beast?

1:11:26 – Q: Relationship – blues and pentatonic scales?

1:13:54 – Q: Achieve right feel for boogie woogie arrangement?

1:17:20 – Q: How many songs / lessons from PWJ site do you recommend learning at one time?

1:18:02 – Q: Course for stock walking bass lines?

1:25:33 – Q: Trouble playing 2 handed arpeggios?

1:27:17 – Q: Would foundations and blues be a good place to start for kids?

1:29:40 – Q: Picturing blues scale quickly in different keys?

1:31:09 – Q: Is this video a jazz version of “Autumn Leaves”?

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