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Jonny May
07/26/2017 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from July of 2017.

11:14 – Tips on earning by playing piano?

12:25 – Q-Tips on Rock Pop Intros?

12:56 – Q-Tips for Performance Nerves?

15:56 – Q-List of Recommended Songs.

17:24 – Picking up a Style and applying it to any song

18:42 – Q-Any Tips for Tonic Arpeggios.

22:47 – Q-How to Avoid Conscience Interference?

24:11 – Q-How to get your left hand better?

26:36 – Q-Using Hanon on playing Strides.

28:52 – Q-Jonny’s approach to “Won’t you be my neighbor”?

29:46 – Q-Tips for Minor Chords?

33:13 – Q-What does A Flat Alto mean?

38:58 – Q-What Voicing does Jonny Use Improvising?

43:24 – Q-Small Hands. Tips for playing Tens?

50:42 – Q: Tutorial for “Roar” and “Eye of a Tiger”?

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