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Jonny May
01/26/2019 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from January of 2019.

11:29 – Q: Is it possible to keep learning the piano without using sheet music?

16:14 – Q: Can you do “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” as a course?

17:01 – Q: How to change keys and explain passing chords?

21:17 – Q: How to use sustain pedal in “St Louis Blues”?

23:45 – Q: How to avoid cramps in arm and pain in fingers?

27:45 – Q: Advice about pedal control?

30:23 – Q: How long does it take to arrange a song?

32:10 – Q: Is it ok not to read sheet music?

33:46 – Q: When will the Cocktail Course be released and is it standalone?

35:02 – Q: Do a course on “Angel Eyes”?

38:23 – Q: What is the best way to master hand coordination in “St Louis Blues”?

41:54 – Q: Any tips on playing scale down the keyboard?

44:18 – Q: What’s the topic of the live workshop?

45:30 – Q: Practicing coordination with RH tremolo?

46:56 – Q: How to play at a local bar?

48:11 – Q: When else can tritone substitution be used in a jazz tune?

50:08 – Q: Where can we see you perform live in public?

50:43 – Q: How to count eighth and quarter notes?

51:36 – Q: Tips for clean chromatic scales?

52:38 – Q: How to play with syncopation?

53:49 – Q: Play “Teach Me Tonight”?

54:55 – Q: Which pedal to use in “Hallelujah”?

55:45 – Q: Tips on dynamics in “Fly Me to the Moon”?

57:29 – Q: Play some of “Misty”?

58:22 – Q: What songs are you working on now?

59:57 – Q: Counting quarter and eight notes?

1:02:33 – Q: Play “Let it Snow”?

1:04:39 – Q: “Play some Billy Joel Songs?

1:05:57 – Q: Straight notes in 2nd measure of “What Child is This”?

1:07:51 – Q: What chord do the blues tracks end with?

1:08:47 – Q: Fingering used for scales and solos

1:10:43 – Q: What to study for intermediate level?

1:13:11 – Q: Which courses to take for hand independence, rhythm etc?

1:16:49 – Q: Where to get backing tracks for playing along to and adjusting tempo?

1:17:47 – Q: How to play 3 or 4 chords to accompany singing?

1:22:59 – Q: Struggling to get the rhythm for “Maple Leaf Rag”?

1:23:44 – Q: How to make “Alice in Wonderland” sound more jazzy?

1:26:20 – Q: What is sightreading and is there a course?

1:28:30 – Q: How to accompany reggae songs?

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