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Daine Jordan
08/11/2022 9:00 am (PST)

In this Intermediate/Advanced Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of July.

00:27 – Steven: Why is the smartsheet different than the lesson sheet for Starting Over Again?

12:28 – Jane: How to use fill chords in minor blues?

13:39 – Polly: What are some good bass lines for old country music?

18:04 – Allan: Is there an equivalent whole tone scale that sits on a minor 7th?

21:45 – Abhay: Can I combine major & minor blues?

24:14 – Scott: How were the triads selected in Fly Me to the Moon (Lesson 3, 8:40)?

Monthly Update (September 2023)

In September, we released 4 new Courses, 4 Quick Tips, 6 Smart Sheets, 11 Backing Tracks, and more!

Office Hours (September 26)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Member Circle (September 25)

“Member Circle” is a zoom meeting led by a Community Leader where students will have the opportunity to share their breakthrough moments with each other and discuss a particular theme.