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John Proulx
09/14/2022 1:00 pm (PST)

In the September 2022 Live Q&A, John answered all of your music questions.

00:05 – Intro

07:23 – Performance Analysis

16:25 – Q: How to play E9b5 and A9sus?

20:55 – Q: How to use pentatonic scale in your improv?

28:42 – Q: What is the relation between C & Fm?

30:36 – Q: Is there default fingering for the dominant diminished scale?

36:53 – Q: How do I apply modes in playing jazz & pop songs?

44:33 – Q: Were you just striding all those chords?

49:03 – Jazz Swing Performance

53:36 – Q: When to use block chords in a tune?

56:11 – Q: Can you explain the right hand fills you were playing?

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