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Jonny May
05/07/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the May 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

02:09 – Q: Can you explain modal mixture/borrowed chords?

04:42 – Q: In a minor 2-5-1, what are the best scales for each one?

09:04 – Q: Why do you use a different melody for certain songs like Autumn Leaves?

11:02 – Q: Can you explain gospel connectors & how they transition bw major & minor blues scale?

13:44 – Q: For Sugar Cubes, how can I transition between different LH patterns?

16:26 – Q: Can you explain the chords for Everything Happens to Me?

20:43 – Q: What are the monthly challenges?

21:39 – Q: With so any course options, how to know which ones are essential?

24:50 – Q: How would you interpret the progression Em C G D?

27:53 – Q: What to start next once I know diatonic 7th chords & major 2-5-1?

30:10 – Q: Do you have plans for a Floyd Cramer course?

31:43 – Q: How to rid of tension in Disney Medley mm. 29-32?

34:22 – Q: Is there a course for minor diatonic 7th chords?

36:53 – Q: Can you reharm a song with walking bass lines?

39:53 – Q: Any tips on skipping certain parts of songs with smooth transition?

44:54 – Q: Can you demonstrate RH rhythms with LH walking bass?

48:39 – Q: What is the Nashville Number System?

50:57 – Q: Do you have song courses at the Intermediate level?

52:53 – Q: Any tips for memorization?

56:10 – Q: Can you play Sweet Home Alabama?

58:14 – Q: How do I prioritize my learning?

1:01:09 – Q: Can you solo with diatonic 7th chords over 2-5-1?

1:05:30 – Q: What scales are good for improv for a song in F minor?

1:09:41 – Q: Can you teach In the Mood?

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