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Jonny May
03/03/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the Intermediate/Advanced March 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

02:45 – Q: Can you explain the difference between parallel and relative modes?

05:41 – Q: What’s the best course for stride?

10:09 – Q: Can you play Star Wars in the crossover polka style?

11:15 – Q: Tips for recognizing harmonic intervals?

13:14 – Q: What are 5 standards I should learn for cocktail jazz?

17:00 – Q: How to improve thumb mobility?

20:13 – Q: How to recall more complicated chords when playing from a lead sheet?

23:59 – Q: Can you suggest a bass line pattern for minor blues?

27:10 – Q: Can you explain the rhythmic pattern in the Mixo scale course?

35:26 – Q: Tips for memorizing a standard from a lead sheet?

39:45 – Q: How do you correctly identify a chord progression?

41:49 – Q: Tips for soloing over tunes with a descending dominant 7th progression?

47:21 – Q: Is there a difference between improv and soloing?

50:52 – Q: Star Wars – polka style!

54:27 – Q: Can you play Corcavado?

55:10 – Q: Can you add spanish translation for your lessons?

55:41 – Q: Should I learn major blues before minor blues?

58:48 – Q: Can you recommend some jazz standards for full band and upper structures?

1:01:24 – Q: What was your repertoire for your 8 hour shift at Disneyland?

1:07:26 – Q: Any tips for more creative runs?

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