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Jonny May
06/29/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the June 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

02:59 – Q: Tips for keeping same rhythm between hands?

05:59 – Q: Can you demonstrate some basic rhythms for B section of Blue Moon?

09:13 – Q: Could you discuss polyrhythms?

11:09 – Q: Can you suggest some practice routines?

14:42 – Q: Why does B diminished scale work on an E7 chord?

20:37 – Q: Is it ok to use 2 handed quartal voicings when accompanying a singer?

22:47 – Q: Can you give some ideas for using the style button on the keyboard?

25:07 – Q: Can you recommend some soulful riffs & runs for singers?

28:21 – Q: Can you discuss two-handed improv as opposed to improvising with right hand only?

33:44 – Q: Can you create a classic rock course?

36:15 – Q: Any tips for a more interested left hand while improvising?

39:17 – Q: Which course should I start after finishing the 10-Lesson Blues Challenge?

43:28 – Q: Any tips for improving my rhythm?

48:51 – Q: Can you demonstrate a quick 2-5-1?

50:32 – Q: Tips for playing a “bass solo” with the left hand?

53:52 – Q: Is it best to learn Autumn Leaves in all keys?

57:10 – Q: What’s the goal speed I should reach for practicing block chords?

59:14 – Q: Can you show the block chords of the minor7(b5)?

1:01:41 – Q: Can you play a 1-6-2-5 progression in C while playing triad pairs with right hand?

1:04:59 – Q: Should I finish learning harmonies before I start learning improvisation?

1:08:48 – Q: Which lesson would help me give a bluesy feel to various songs?

1:10:05 – Q: Do you live in Nashville or do you just record there?

1:10:50 – Q: Any tips for increasing tempo for chord shells and guide tones exercises?

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