Intermediate/Advanced Live Q&A (July 2022)

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John Proulx
07/26/2022 11:00 am (PST)

In the July 2022 Live Q&A, John Proulx answered all of your music questions.

05:39 – Q: Can you discuss Stella by Starlight?

19:45 – Q: What was the warbling sound in Tenderly?

25:24 – Q: Should I study chord extensions after mastering the circle of fifths?

31:17 – Q: What’s the difference in Office Hours & Live Q&A?

33:12 – Q: Which harmony do you suggest for Stella?

35:43 – Q: Could you demonstrate tritone sub in a simple 12 bar blues progression?

43:37 – Q: Are rolling chords similar to blues tremolos?

50:18 – Q: Tritone exercises

55:00 – Q: Can you demonstrate how to split the chords in the melody + punch together with the bass lines?

01:35 – Q: Can you explain the root 5 3 7?

03:11 – It Had to Be You duet performance

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Student Assessment (July 2022)

In this Student Assessment video, Daine reviewed student video submissions from July and provided personalized feedback.

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In July, we released 2 new Courses, 5 Quick Tips, 1 blog, 6 Smart Sheets, 6 Backing Tracks, and more!