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Jonny May
07/28/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the July 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:44 – Q: Can you play “This Will Be”?

07:54 – Q: Any tips for playing Maple Lead Rag extra fast?

09:11 – Q: At what point can a person call themselves a musician?

13:46 – Q: Are the tremolos supposed to be louder than the melody?

14:53 – Q: Tips for playing an intro on John Lennon’s Imagine?

18:58 – Q: What’s your advice for keeping left hand steady while improvising?

22:28 – Q: Which notes do I accent when improvising jazz?

26:40 – Q: How to know when you’ve crossed the line of being influenced by another pianist and stealing?

30:28 – Q: Can you explain the copyright restrictions of PWJ?

33:47 – Q: How is FGABCDE called F Lydian?

37:03 – Q: Can you explain the rhythm of After Hours?

42:29 – Q: Can a iRig2 interface be used for recitals on Zoom?

43:14 – Q: Other than maple leaf rag, what other tunes were most requested at Disneyland?

46:51 – Q: Why does C Jam Blues appear to be in the key of F?

48:22 – Q: Can you explain the rhythm in Baby I’m a ‘Wishin?

53:40 – Q: Have you played on a piano where the lower half is a bass sound?

55:02 – Q: What’s the difference in F Lydian and C Major?

59:45 – Q: Can you play the turnaround progression using bebop scales?

1:01:25 – Q: How often do you recommend practicing?

1:06:50 – Q: How do you choose which scales to use when soloing?

1:12:51 – Q: Can you explain the difference in F Lydian and C Lydian?

1:15:23 – Q: How to learn modes when every mode just goes back to a major scale?

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