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Jonny May
01/13/2022 11:00 am (PST)

In the January 2022 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

04:12 – Q: What do you do on a 2-measure stretch of nothing?

10:26 – Q: In a jazz ballad, what are some techniques to create inner movement?

16:26 – Q: How do piano arrangements convert orchestra music into a piano solo?

17:39 – Q: What do the B sections of That’s All, Satin Doll, Honey Suckle Rose have in common?

20:25 – Q: How to approach the Key Courses as advanced?

24:00 – Q: What lessons cover LH patterns for Broadway accompaniment?

26:45 – Q: What are some exercises/courses I can do without a piano?

30:25 – Q: How to learn blues riffs in other keys?

30:58 – Q: Can you explain the “attack” position for fingers being on or above the key?

32:43 – Q: What’s the difference between Library & Learning Tracks?

36:33 – Q: Tips for the rolls in St. Louis Blues Challenge?

38:57 – Q: Am I reinforcing incorrect behavior if I play something wrong multiple times?

42:42 – Q: In the 2-5-1 Soloing courses, how to master progressions happening over 2 instead of 4 bars?

45:56 – Q: When improvising blues, how many bars of each technique do you do?

49:35 – Q: Can you give practical tips for playing with backing tracks?

51:21 – Q: Ideas for playing What a Wonderful World in an interesting way?

55:01 – Q: Can you show the descending chord movements in My Funny Valentine?



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