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Jonny May
02/10/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the Intermediate/Advanced February 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

02:46 – Q: Can you play Honeysuckle Rose in F while saying LH chords?

06:03 – Q: Can I use the 2 hand coordination exercises as an accompaniment technique?

10:37 – Q: Tips for managing the rhythm while improvising?

14:51 – Q: What are the 3 most important things to practice on a daily basis?

18:11 – Q: Can you play Guantanmera in a Latin style?

20:13 – Q: How can I jazz up my pop songs other than adding 7ths?

25:53 – Q: Are there courses/backing tracks for blues in keys besides C?

29:12 – Q: Tips for playing in various keys? Should I be able to play in all 12 keys?

30:13 – Q: How to develop stretch between fingers 5 and 2?

32:39 – Q: How to add passing chords in Nearness of You?

35:48 – Q: When playing upper extensions, would you still use 3 & 7 if you are playing shells?

37:33 – Q: Can you teach the type of Jazz covered in Yannick’s Misty arrangement?

41:44 – Q: How to develop walking bass lines in O Christmas Tree?

43:55 – Q: Are you planning a rock n roll course soon?

44:43 – Q: Is it important to use the same finger when playing slides?

46:33 – Q: Can you demonstrate tritone subs in You Don’t Know Me?

51:25 – Q: When improvising over dominant voicing, what is your go-to blues scale?

54:04 – Q: When a song changes chords every 2 beats, which scales do you use for soloing?

56:51 – Q: If using chord shells & 7ths w/ love progression, which chord shells would you use for Em/G, since the 3rd is in the bass?

59:14 – Q: Can you play stride by going from the low root note to the full 7th chord?

1:05:13 – Q: What’s a good course for comping with a drummer & bass?

1:08:07 – Q: How would you play Mary Had a Little Lamb in a jazzy style?

1:11:46 – Q: What do you call a G/Bdim7, Gdim/C, and E/G7?

1:16:49 – Q: How to harmonize the hungarian style?

1:20:20 – Q: How to improvise I’m Old Fashioned in C while singing?

1:22:35 – Q: Can you suggest some “weird” scales?

1:25:38 – Q: How to figure out passing chords?

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