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Jonny May
08/25/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the August 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

04:33 – Q: Any tips for playing over rhythm changes?

10:19 – Q: Can you show a few ways to end a blues shuffle?

14:33 – Q: How can I develop more interesting left hand accompaniment for lead sheets?

18:56 – Q: Which instruments do we emulate when we play certain songs?

22:26 – Q: Why do you use F# half dim as the 2 chord in Autumn Leaves?

28:53 – Q: Tips for improving left hand?

32:13 – Q: Is there any value of learning the original intro of standards?

34:52 – Q: Which track should I learn next after blues?

37:57 – Q: Do you have all of Scott Jaoplin’s rags memorized?

42:10 – Q: Can you demonstrate the LH bass line for Rhythm Changes in C?

44:45 – Q: What’s the best way to accompany other musicians in a jazz session?

50:09 – Q: Is there a course for learning how to accompany a singer?

52:51 – Q: Now that you’re in Nashville, are you playing more country music?

54:30 – Q: What’s the difference in licks, riffs, and grooves?

1:00:18 – Q: What are the diatonic 7th chords of the lydian dominant scale?

1:03:49 – Q: How would you use the pedal on Cruella de Vil?

1:08:43 – Q: Which minor scales can you use for 12 bar blues?

1:10:30 – Q: Advice for mastering another artist’s transcriptions?

1:18:12 – Q: Which progression does the bossa challenge use?

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