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Jonny May
04/07/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the April 2021 Live Q&A for Intermediate/Advanced, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

02:29 – Q: How do I play a G/A with only left hand?

04:00 – Q: Can you explain the D#o7 in Fly Me to the Moon?

07:16 – Q: Can you share exercises to use with iReal Pro?

11:48 – Q: Why do some sheets need to be purchased?

13:15 – Q: What exercises do you recommend for jazz swing?

17:53 – Q: Can you demonstrate the level 5 blues lick?

20:31 – Q: Any suggestions for improving left hand accompaniment in jazz improv?

29:57 – Q: How do I swing whole notes, half notes, or quarter notes?

32:20 – Q: Any tips for accompanying Honeysuckle Rose?

34:16 – Q: Is there a jazz improv learning track?

35:58 – Q: When soloing on Fly Me to the Moon, do you use both endings?

37:25 – Q: What upper structures can you use with minor & major 7ths chords?

40:01 – Q: Can you play That’s All?

42:14 – Q: When playing rootless voicings, is it ok for right hand melodies to overrun the LH chords?

44:34 – Q: When playing chord shells in stride, how to find the missing note in 1, 3, 7?

46:10 – Q: Can you mix rootless voicings and guide tones?

47:56 – Q: How to transition to diminished scale in Jazz Ballad Soloing Challenge?

49:16 – Q: Tips for playing with an injured finger?

50:48 – Q: When improvising over blues form, how to switch between major and minor blues scale?

56:00 – Q: How long does it take to reach your level of playing?

57:03 – Q: Tips for increasing speed playing full rootless voicings for After You’ve Gone?

58:58 – Q: Can you play the major blues scale right hand with left hand 2-5-1?

1:00:00 – Q: Who are your favorite or most influential contemporary pianists?

1:01:56 – Q: What’s the difference in crochet and quiver?

1:02:16 – Q: Can I use techniques from Blues in G to solo in St. Louis Blues?

1:03:27 – Q: Best finger strengthening exercises?

1:04:18 – Q: Why isn’t a minor used as the 5th of the D natural minor scale instead of A7?

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