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Daine Jordan
06/20/2022 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of May.

00:29 – Thomas J: What do you think about playing just the 3rd & 7th in the left hand in the blues progression?

04:51 – Nancy D: I want to improvise but having trouble memorizing the scales. Any tips?

10:33 – Junius: Can’t seem to solo in any other scale except C blues scale

13:27 – Robert L: What’s the best fingering for diatonic scales in all keys?

21:13 – Emily J: How to make Autumn Leaves sound more jazzy?

24:19 – Chris S: Tips for maintaining left hand while playing 12 bar blues + 4-on-the-floor?

28:58 – John A: Tips for playing trills without messing up left hand groove?

32:25 – Bruce J: Is there a pattern than sounds like finger picking on guitar?

35:42 – Pat W: Can you suggest fingering for bass line on Fly Me to the Moon challenge?

40:20 – Emily J: What do you play/do during pauses between lines?

45:16 – Pauline H: Tips for playing Arirang?

53:40 – Marc L: Fingering for blues scale in G?

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