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Daine Jordan
02/25/2022 9:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of January.

00:15 – Shifera A: Can you explain splash chords?

04:46 – Derek R: How should I set my goals?

07:28 – Garrick B: Any tips for playing with large hands?

10:26 – Doreen K: How do I memorize a complex arrangement?

15:09 – Clynton Y: Which apps should I use as a digital page turner?

15:37 – Junius S: Which key is Summertime in?

17:47 – Bruce H: How to modulate between tunes in different keys?

20:15 – Ray B: What goes thru your mind when you see a chord symbol & approach improvising?

24:30 – Christopher B: Tips for playing quick arpeggiations?

26:08 – Perry J: Tips for playing fast?

27:53 – Jeff H: How do you transition between popstinato patterns?

36:58 – Laurie W: Do you have to pay to perform a copyrighted tune?

05:10 –

38:06 – Janez K: How to use the pedal in ragtime?

41:10 – Lorrinda P: I’ve been away for a while. What’s new in the program?

42:48 – Marguerite B: When changing scale, why do you start on a chord tone?

53:34 – Andrei S: Tips for practicing while away from my keyboard?

00:55 – Mark D: Should fingering always follow a pattern?

05:10 – Mark D: When you harmonize with a 6th, do you have to think about which note to play?

07:51 – Tom C: How to determine which a key a song is in?

12:16 – Niall S: Tips for good voicings in Sweet Georgia Brown?

16:08 – Len Z: When using roman numerals, how do you designate a bass note so the chord progression can be played in any key?

23:06 – Tedy D: What fingering should I use when playing in D major?

25:55 – Andre C: How do you know once you’ve mastered a lead sheet?

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