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Daine Jordan
05/28/2021 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of April.

00:44 – Paolo: Where can I learn how to accompany a singer with two hand chords?

01:20 – How often do you practice? Which courses should I work on for blues? How do you use a metronome?

03:39 – Alexander: How do I build improvisation over multiple chords?

04:59 – How do you practice tuplets?

10:13 – Klaus: How do you differentiate dominant diminished from diminished scales?

12:21 – Todd: Can you switch the left hand between styles in a given song?

13:52 – Ray: What is the preferred fingering in paired-chord improv?

16:08 – Luis: How do I swing longer note values?

17:26 – How do you use the dorian mode?

18:19 – Cheryl: What is the dorian key for Eleanor Rigby?

19:51 – Yves: How can I vary patterns for accompaniment?

23:19 – Thomas: How do you finger the diatonic 7th chord exercises?

25:18 – Nialll: How do you memorize the melody of jazz standards?

27:19 – How do you avoid clashing with the guitar and piano?

28:42 – Rich: If you are using a lead sheet in a minor key, how do you know if the 5 chord is major or minor?

29:56 – Daniel: What is the best strategy for developing lines for jazz balads?

31:40 – Val: How do you recognize diminished scales from different positions?

33:37 – Tim: How do I avoid left wrist strain? Any alignment tips?

35:17 – Laurie: What can help with learning the B section of Danny Boy?

36:40 – When you improvise, how do you know which chords go with right hand rhythms?

37:52 – Itche: How do you improve harmonization by ear?

39:16 – Annie: In Fly Me to the moon, can you review the left hand fingering?

41:08 – Violaine: How do you avoid tiredness in the left hand on stride?

42:45 – What advice do you have for practicing scales and exercises while keeping enough time for pieces?

44:02 – Rachel: How do you leave spaces in a solo?

46:05 – Lawrence: How do you memorize music?

48:09 – What do you recommend for making backing tracks?

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