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Joshua Foy
11/10/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the November 2021 Live Q&A, Josh Foy answered all of your music questions.

01:37 – What is the best way to use the fingers to play legato?

05:19 – How to simplify the progression of chords, as in O Christmas Tree?

08:52 – When you are soloing with an ensemble, what do you do with your LH? How do you know when to insert chord pops?

13:27 – When playing All of Me from a leadsheet, how should I approach walking bass when chords are only every 2 bars?

17:38 – Tips for pedal control?

19:58 – When I’m doing a swing beat with LH, my RH automatically synchronizes. How do I overcome this?

24:04 – How to count polyrhythms?

27:04 – Can you give examples of how to practice rootless voicings for C, F, Bb?

29:21 – Any examples of a simple New Orleans or Dr. John rhythm style in key of G or D?

33:14 – Who was the jazz pianist you mentioned who plays with a nice structure?

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