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Daine Jordan
03/24/2022 10:00 am (PST)

In the March 2022 Live Q&A, Daine answered all of your music questions.

03:27 – Q: Is creating a countermelody a type of improv?

04:42 – Q: Can you demonstrate simple blues turnarounds in C?

06:49 – Q: What are your thoughts on using octaves instead of root-5th?

09:44 – Q: Tips for learning all major & minor triads?

14:15 – Q: Can you play a walking bass for a 1-6-2-5- turn around?

16:36 – Q: Can you play a 2 feel walking bass which doesn’t just use roots?

18:24 – Q: What is a sus?

20:12 – Q: What is your favorite jazz progression

21:41 – Q: Can you play a walking bass over the minor 1-6-2-5?

24:09 – Q: What is a diminished chord?

28:52 – Q: Sus2 vs sus4?

31:27 – Q: Can I play rootless voicings in right hand when playing a melody?

35:58 – Q: What tunes are you working on these days?

37:49 – Q: How long does it take to be performance ready for a classical piece?

44:01 – Q: Any tips for keeping a song in my memory?

52:10 – Q: Any tips for coloring chords?

56:59 – Q: Tips for identifying the key signature?

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