Beginner/Intermediate Live Q+A (March 2021)

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Jonny May
03/03/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the Beginner/Intermediate March 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:44 – Q: How do you memorize chord sequences?

06:00 – Q: What are some easy chord progressions that are good to improvise over?

08:14 – Q: How to improve two-hand coordination

09:51 – Q: How to improve moving between chords?

13:51 – Q: How do 3rd and 6th harmonies relate to the chord?

16:44 – Q: What’s the difference between pop and contemporary?

19:23 – Q: What style is the “crossover” section in your Birthday arrangement?

22:09 – Q: Why do ragtime pianists wear arm bands?

24:14 – Q: Is there an organized way to approach music literacy?

26:21 – Q: How can I simplify a chord progression?

29:17 – Q: How to remember which B section goes with which jazz standards?

31:39 – Q: How can I plan by ear in a simple stride style?

34:47 – Q: How should I practice with a metronome?

38:07 – Q: How to improve accuracy with black keys?

41:19 – Q: What exercises will help me reach tenths?

43:27 – Q: What kinds of things are you listening for when critiquing your recordings?

46:17 – Q: Is Alfred a good method for learning piano?

47:01 – Q: Ideas for improvising Misty in a stride style?

50:46 – Q: Basic stride patterns for simple triad chords?

52:38 – Q: Is there a course on creating inversions without having to think about it?

56:44 – Q: How can I play a country honky tonk feel?

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