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Jonny May
06/29/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the June 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:10 – Q: For Autumn Leaves, what would be a passing chord from GM7 to CM7?

06:19 – Q: Can you explain blues chords?

09:27 – Q: Is the Jazz Improv Challenge similar to the gospe

11:24 – Q: In Summertime, bar 6, I struggle going from Fm7 to Ab6 to Fm7 to Fsharp diminished 7?

16:54 – Q: How to practice fast runs?

20:58 – Q: How does the end of level 1 courses align with the beginning of level 2 courses?

22:52 – Q: Do you have simple tunes where I can practice passing chords and reharmonization?

25:43 – Q: What’s the difference between chord shells & guide tones?

29:13 – Q: Will PWJ help me prepare for my jazz academy exams?

31:39 – Q: Would you teach a Texas swing lesson?

34:34 – Q: How do we play rootless voicings with slash chords?

37:15 – Q: Can you explain 13th chords in your blues lessons?

40:32 – Q: Can you play a simplified version of Satin Doll?

44:29 – Q: Can you demonstrate the rubato intro in your St Louis Blues arrangement?

50:54 – Q: Any quick advice on identifying the notes if going from key of C to G?

54:20 – Q: How to determine which scales to use for improv?

56:03 – Q: How can I think more quickly when improvising?

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