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Jonny May
07/28/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the July 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:48 – Q: How would you play Autumn Leaves in a trio setting?

06:09 – Q: Are there exercises for playing octaves smoothly?

08:53 – Q: What course teaches how to play from leadsheets?

13:10 – Q: Are your studio monitors plugged directly into your keyboard?

14:11 – Q: How to upload videos to Facebook?

14:47 – Q: Why are there 3 different minor scales? When learning diatonic 7ths, which minor scale to use?

18:31 – Q: Any tips for playing triplets?

21:09 – Q: How to modulate from F to C in Disney Melody?

23:27 – Q: How long do slide notes last?

25:52 – Q: Tips for playing tenths?

27:03 – Q: Can you explain the rhythm of triplets?

29:00 – Q: Where can I purchase lead sheets?

29:51 – Q: Can you explain Latin Montunos?

31:36 – Q: Tricks for transforming major and minor chords?

34:28 – Q: Any tips for re-entering piano discipline after taking a long break?

37:11 – Q: Tips for adding enough fills to fill the gaps but not muddy the melody?

42:48 – Q: Can you show the advanced thumb-over technique?

45:22 – Q: How to count triplets over 2 beats?

46:23 – Q: When using diatonic triad pairs for improv, should it only be used for a 1 chord duration?

48:54 – Q: Can you elaborate on the pros and cons of memorizing riffs?

52:33 – Q: How to deal with imposter syndrome?

55:51 – Q: How do you use pedal in jazz?

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